fredag 7 augusti 2015

Even more Okrasa installations in Ghias (pt. 3)

Above you can see another Okrasa installation in a Karmann Ghia. This one did appear in the 1958 Empi catalogue. A qualified guess is that the installation was done at Empi in the US.

It has two unique features: The placement of the oil filter (the best looking one. if you ask me) and the use of a 25 hp 383 all centrifugal distributor (remember: the BR25/010 wasn't introduced until one year later). This sets it apart from Okrasa's own installations that always did use the original centrifugal/vacuum distributor on the 30/63 hp engines.

Other than that it looks like an early German installation with Knecht air filters, no support for the ignition cables and the equalizer tube in front of the fan shroud.

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