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The origin of VW tuning – Type 174, 1942-1943

This is the only type 174 picture I have seen. Not a 100% normal kdf-engine as you can see.

As said before the type 174/174A is somewhat of a mystery. In this post I'll try to cover the first one, the type 174.

Looking at the technical data it looks like your normal post-war 1131 cc with 25 hp and a 5,8:1 compression ratio. But the only picture  of a 174 I have found show some strange things.

First there is a bulky device where the distributor should be, which seems to be some kind of magneto device. "Normal" kdf-stationary engines did have a bulky magneto device somewhat similar to this one on the type 174, while the type 171 had a Scintilla device of the type used on post-war stationaries. I guess they tried out different types during the war before they settled for the Scintilla type.

Technical data of the type 174/174A.

The second thing is the carburetor that looks a bit different from other ones from that time. It it's a Solex 26vfi II with dual float bowls that was also tested on the Schwimwagens*. Perhaps it was an attempt to try out a carburetor more suitable for use in a boat application? 

And that's all for the type 174. I have no more at this point in time. Next up is the 174A.

*Edit note: I did update this blogpost with additional information from Dieter and Lucian. Thank you!

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