måndag 5 maj 2014

Pre-July 1957 cylinders = good for strokers!

I have now started to test assemble the cylinders and pistons to see if anything else needs to be modified. The first conclusion is that I have the early style cylinders. In July 1957 Volkswagen did shorten the length of the sleeve for the cylinder, but my engine was made earlier this year.

For Volkswagen, extra length was a waste of money, but for us who want to use spacers under the cylinders when building a stroker engine, this extra length is good to have.

The above picture is borrowed from Hot Rod Magazine June 1960 and show the "old" and "new" style cylinders. In this article they recommend using EMPI stroker pistons, or to machine the piston tops, to avoid spacers. In such cases it is needed to "notch" the cylinders if you are using the ones with longer sleeves (see the one in the middle of the picture).

During the test assembly I did conclude that I need spacers of at least 2,5 mm to get a decent distance between piston and cylinder end at TDC. However I'll wait with the spacers until I have cc:ed the heads. Perhaps I need some more volume to arrive at a reasonable compression ratio.

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