lördag 6 september 2014

Getting it to fit

The cast aluminum S-G intakes (for NDIX on Okrasa heads) are a bit chunkier than the steel ones used on the original kit with 32 PBIC. This is very noticeable during assembly.

This is what I had to do (so far) to fit them:
  1. Shorten the "overhang" from the mid-upper 25 hp head studs a few millimeters.
  2. Cut large holes in the cylinder tin on free-hand. (They now look OK assembled, I chose to fold in the sheet metal a bit for a nice snug fit)
  3. Use special M8 flange nuts with 10 mm external hex fitting (from Dalhems, Vessigebro).
  4. Grind in a few places on the intakes (they are thick, so it's no problem)
As the inner head-to-inkake nut is within the fan shroud the intakes can't hardly be assembled when the engine is in the car (also the intake need to be put into the cylinder tin before putting it to the engine). I hope it will be possible to get the engine in the bay with the intakes still on. It "should" be possible.

I'll keep you posted.

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